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Getting started with Palette Palette

  1. Installation:
    • Download the recommended release and extract to the folder of your choice.
    • Download and install the .NET Framework 4
    • Run "PlanettePalette.exe". It should ask you for a folder. Give your Space Engine folder.
    • You are now ready to manage your palettes :)
  2. Managing palettes:
    • The window should look like this:Main window GUI

Click the "Read" button to load all the palettes. You will have them all into different categories, and you can change them using the "Tab Control" buttons.

Doing stuff with Planette Palette:

Let's say I want to add the following palette:
// Mars colors | #28D7BB
    Class          "Terra"
    StyleRange     (0.08, 0.12)
    colorBeach     (0.69, 0.47, 0.32, 0.00)
    colorDesert    (0.61, 0.38, 0.27, 0.00)
    colorLowland   (0.51, 0.32, 0.23, 0.00)
    colorUpland    (0.73, 0.53, 0.37, 0.00)
    colorRock      (0.62, 0.33, 0.17, 0.00)
    colorSnow      (1.00, 1.00, 1.00, 1.00)

What you have to do is copy the code above, open the Import/Create window via the "Import/Create" button:

Import/Create window

Click OK and you should have your palette! (Here only the imported palette is selected because the others weren't read from the SpaceEngine file, so be careful on saving; hopefully there are backups)

New palette arrived ! :)

Well, those who know a bit about HTML may have guessed that the representative color is a bit ... blue. Right click on the palette and select "Change Color", and proceed with the colour you want, with that "Mars-coloured" palette.

Wait, but that's a Terra palette! What if I actually wanted it to be a color for Mars-like planets?

Right-click on it, and then on the drop down select "Desert" (the type of planet Mars is). Click OK, and select the "Desert" tab. There it is!

Palette modification window

And this, kids, is how you terraform a planet! Oh wait, no, not really ...

As you can see, we can now see our palette is on the "Desert" tab:

The Mars-like palette is now for Mars-like planets!

Anyway, so proud of your changes, you want to share to the world your newly-changed palette. Select it, click "Export ..." (or right-click on it then choose "Export ...")

Export window

Here you have your last changes to change the name and color, before exporting. You can export in 3 ways for now:

  • "Copy/Paste Plain text": Exports the palette into the clipboard as-is.
  • "Copy/Paste Forum": Exports the palette with syntax highlighting (for eye candy :) ) and around [code] tags. This is to be pasted into a forum.
  • "Copy/Paste Forum (no colors)": As the title says, it is the same as above, without the colors.


This is it for a quick tour of the tool. May you find it useful, and have fun creating/sharing palettes with it!

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